Women and Land in the Arab region

Women’s housing, land and property rights are catalyst to ensure the social and economic development of communities
and increase food security. They contribute to the realisation and enjoyment of a broad range of human rights such
as the right to adequate standard of living, adequate housing, health, work and education. Housing, land and
property rights increase women’s empowerment and participation in decision making within the household and in the
public life. They help protecting women from gender-based violence and other health hazards, and they enable women
to play an active role in the stabilization of societies affected by crisis and conflict.

The challenges women face in relation to the access and enjoyment of their housing, land and property rights is
part of the broader gender inequalities that reflect many aspects of the Arab society. The Women and Land
Campaign promoted by UN-Habitat, the Global Land Tool Network and the Arab Land Initiative aims at raising
awareness on how to overcome such challenges and at empowering women to improve their housing, land and property
rights while drawing the public’s attention to this important theme.

The Campaign is promoted by UN-Habitat, as part of its  mandate to achieve a better urban future for all,
and by the partners of the Stand for Her Land Campaign, including the World Bank, the International Land
Coalition, Landesa, and Habitat for Humanity.

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Second Arab Land Conference Expert Group Meeting on land tenure security and socio-economic development especially for women in the Arab region