The role of Civil Society in Land Governance – International Youth Council Yemen, Yemen

Overview of the areas of collaboration between GLTN and IYCY

IYCY and UN-Habitat / GLTN will collaborate in the following three areas of work:

  • Organise a Knowledge exchange event on the role of civil society on land governance in the region.
  • Expand the network of experts and institutions, which arepart of the Arab Land Initiative. Throughout the conduct of the different activities, IYCI will link up with new partners and develop new relationships with organisations and institutions – including the partners carrying out the other Agreements of cooperation. A list of organisations and institutions and their individual focal points with email contacts will be submitted at the end of the project to UN-Habitat / GLTN.
  • Undertake communication and visibility initiatives, ensuring that the content being developed, and the key activities undertaken as part of the project and the overall Arab Land Initiative will have a good media coverage and visibility (posts on websites, media and social media, etc.)


Civil society in the Arab World has been facing long-term challenges. The Knowledge Exchange event will be an opening discussion on the role and the challenges that face the civil societies who operates in the land governance sector in the region. The event will highlight the Civil Society (CSOs) work, the challenges they face and their capacity and contribution to a better land governance in the Arab states. One of the objectives that should be point out and analysed in the discussion; is raising the common issues facing CSOs that address the needs of women and also the women’s groups who focused on improving women’s social rights, land rights and land laws across the region. Also, the event will be stressing the local NGOs in the Arab world on the importance of joining forces and working together to demand the governments to legitimize more the actions of CSOs and their degree of autonomy and operational freedom to achieve a good land governance.