Land professionals in the Arab region – Consultant ISTIDAMA, Sudan & AUS

Overview of the areas of collaboration between GLTN and ISTIDAMA & AUS

UN-Habitat / GLTN and ISTIDAMA & AUS will collaborate in the following five areas of work:

  • Undertake a capacity needs assessment of land professionals in the region.
  • Organize a Knowledge Exchange on the role of land professional in the region.


The land professionals – including surveyors, lawyers, planners, engineers, etc – have an important role in different aspects of land governance. The capacity needs assessment will review the current capacities and the capacity gaps of different land professionals that will need to be filled for them to be able to play an adequate role in the different aspects of land governance as defined by the Global Land Tool Network (e.g. in the GLTN curriculum developed). The capacity needs assessment of land professionals will feed into the broader capacity needs assessment carried out under AoC n.4.

The Knowledge Exchange event aims at bringing together different land professionals from Arab countries to discuss the role they currently have and the roles they should evolve into in the coming years to ensure their full contribution to the different aspects of land governance in the region. The results of the capacity needs assessment and the GLTN curriculum will be two of the key documents reviewed at the event. The event further aims to explore opportunities for strengthening and promoting good practices in land governance and administration.