Land and Conflict – Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, Jordan

Overview of the areas of collaboration between GLTN and APN

APN and UN-Habitat / GLTN will collaborate in the following areas of work:

  • Conducting a study on land and conflict in the Arab region;
  • Organise and carry out an Expert Group Meeting on Land and Conflict in the Arab Region;
  • Expanding the network of experts and institutions part of the Arab Land Initiative. Throughout the conduct of the different activities, APN will link up with new partners and develop new relationships with organisations and institutions – including the partners carrying out the other Agreements of cooperation.
  • Undertaking communication and visibility initiatives, ensuring that the content being developed, and the key activities undertaken as part of the project and the overall Arab Land Initiative will have a good media coverage and visibility (websites, media and social media, presentations at events, etc.)

Background on the content

As in other parts of the world, land-related challenges can be root causes, triggers, proximate  factors or side effects of conflicts in the Arab region. Access to land, natural resources and water sources, especially in areas where these resources are scarce, can be at the origin of conflict between individuals and social groups with competing land claims. The main goal of the study prepared for this Agreement of Cooperation is to identify and analyze land-related causes of conflicts, violent conflict and social destabilization in the Arab region and to provide recommendations on how to prevent, mitigate and address these causes in the short, medium and long term.

On the basis of the work done for the study, the implementing partner will also organize an Expert Group Meeting (EGM) whereby knowledge on land-related causes of conflict is exchanged and further developed. Experts with different professional backgrounds (academic, civil society, government, etc.) will come together for an open discussion about the role of land-related issues in triggering or reinforcing of or stemming from land conflicts and priority interventions to address these challenges.

The combined knowledge produced by the study and the event aims at increasing knowledge and awareness in the region on the land and conflict nexus, develop a succinct analysis of the issue and a set of recommendations for governments, partners and other stakeholders on the way forward – looking at both prevention and resolution of land related conflicts.