Fit-for-purpose land administration – CRTEAN, Tunis

Overview of the areas of collaboration between GLTN and CRTEAN

CRTEAN and UN-Habitat / GLTN will collaborate in the following five areas of work:

  • Organise an Expert Group Meeting on Fit-for-Purpose Land Administration.
  • Two training events on Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration;
  • Expanding the network of experts and institutions part of the Arab Land Initiative. Throughout the conduct of the different activities, CRTEAN will link up with new partners and develop new relationships with organisations and institutions – including the partners carrying out the other Agreements of cooperation.
  • Undertaking communication and visibility initiatives, ensuring that the content being developed, and the key activities undertaken as part of the project and the overall Arab Land Initiative will have a good media coverage and visibility (websites, media and social media, presentations at events, etc.)

Background on the content

Most countries struggle to put in place land registration / land administration systems that function at the national scale.   New solutions are required that can deliver security of tenure for all people, are affordable and can be quickly developed and incrementally improved over time. The Fit-fur-Purpose Land Administration concept has three interrelated core components: the spatial, the legal and the institutional frameworks. The spatial framework supports recording the way in which land is occupied and used. The scale and accuracy of this representation should be sufficient to secure the various kinds of legal rights and tenure forms recognized through the legal framework. The institutional framework is designed to manage these rights and the use of land and natural resources, and to deliver inclusive and accessible services. The process entails recognizing, recording and reviewing land rights; this means balancing the financial cost against speed of delivery against quality, such as levels of accuracy to meet the needs; in short, finding a suitable solution for the purpose. Identifying appropriate approaches and solutions for sustainable land administration in the Arab region is crucial to enhance land tenure security.