Baseline study including institutions and policies on land governance and administration – Razi Diab, Lebanon

Overview of the work

This Agreement of Cooperation includes one main activity:

  • Baseline study for land tenure security and land governance in the region, including policies, laws, institutional frameworks

Background on the content

The objective of the baseline study is: it will assess existing land governance mechanisms by providing an analysis of existing policies as well as legal and institutional frameworks shaping processes related to the control of the access to and use of land. Increasing knowledge and understanding about the decision-making processes and stakeholders in the land sector, the existing laws and reglementations of the land sector as well as the loopholes and gaps is an indispensable step of any research and operational programme on land governance. Specific attention should be drawn on land legislation regarding women in the region. This study will be based on case studies, empirical evidence and documentary reviews of land laws, the institutional setting and procedures from different countries of the Arab region. Therefore, data collection will be conducted on the country level. However, the study also entails a regional component: trends and areas of attention should be defined based on cross-cutting results from the case studies.