National Implementation of the Women and Land Campaign in Tunisia and Libya

In 2021, UN-Habitat and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) launched the regional Women and Land Campaign. The campaign, targeting a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the Arab region, is promoted by UN-Habitat as part of its mandate to achieve a better urban future for all, and by partners of the Stand for Her Land Campaign, including the World Bank, the International Land Coalition, Landesa and Habitat for Humanity.

Building on the regional campaign, on 12-13 September 2022, UN-Habitat Tunisia Country Programme and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) launched the National Implementation of Women and Land Campaign in Tunisia and Libya through a workshop held in Tunis, Tunisia, to raise awareness about how to overcome the barriers that women face in gaining access to their housing, land, and property (HLP) rights.

This campaign aims to raise awareness on how to overcome the challenges faced by women in accessing and enjoying their housing, land and property rights, empower women in Tunisia and Libya to claim their HLP rights, raise awareness of the role stakeholders can play in promoting women's right to land and access to land; and, to create a dialogue between stakeholders on women's right to land.

Protecting women's right to housing, land, and property will require efforts to change patriarchal attitudes and social norms that govern various aspects of family life. This is a difficult challenge because it requires holistic interventions that go beyond changes at the constitutional and policy levels alone, and requires a combined set of short, medium, and long-term interventions at all levels, starting with raising awareness and promoting dialogue about the socioeconomic benefits of promoting women's rights to housing, land, and property, and the challenges they face in legitimately claiming these rights. Tunisia, however, remains an inspiring example of change and is paving the way for a more egalitarian and women-friendly future in the Arab region and the Muslim world at large.

In Libya, after the 2011 revolution, laws protected women's property rights on paper, reports indicate that in practice women's rights are tied to their relationships with male family members. It is also unclear whether the next constitution will include gender-specific provisions protecting women's rights, including property and inheritance rights. In this context, it is important to raise awareness and defend women's right to housing, land and property and to promote dialogue on women's right to land at all levels.

Official partners on the campaign

The Women and Land Campaign in Tunisia and Libya is implemented by UN-Habitat Tunisia Country Programme in partnership with the Global Land Tool Network, the Arab Land Initiative and Stand for Her Land Campaign. In Tunisia, the campaign is supported by the Ministry of Women and Family Affairs, the Ministry of State Property and Land Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women (ATFD), and the Association of Tunisian Women for Research and Development (AFTURD).

Key messages on women’s rights to housing, land and property in Tunisia and Libya

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What are Housing, Land and Property (HLP) rights?

Legal framework related to Housing, Land and Property (HLP) rights for women
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Workshop report on Awareness Raising, Ownership and Dissemination of Key Messages on Women's Access to Land, Property and Housing in Tunisia and Libya.

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Information on UN-Habitat Tunisia Country Programme

A Host Country Agreement to establish an office of UN-Habitat in Tunisia was signed on 16 May 2017 between UN-Habitat and the Government of Tunisia.

The objective of the establishment of this office is to strengthen cooperation between the two sides in the field of housing and urban development, particularly with regard to Tunisia's participation in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs 2030, in particular, the goal 11 “Making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".
Within the context of this agreement, UN-Habitat is supporting the Tunisian Government with the development of a National Urban Policy, a common vision guiding the sustainable growth and management of cities and promoting productive, inclusive and resilient urban development for the long term.

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