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Enhancing accountability and transparency of public land governance through open access tools like Geoportal

This research paper covers Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen and it discusses the possibility of using open access geoportals in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen to boost accountability and transparency in public land management, thereby gaining public trust in institutions.
The significance of this research is that it attempts to proffer a simple, modern solution to public land challenges. The solution would shorten the time needed to instill accountability in a region scourged by a high degree of corruption, instability and misuse of power. Whether set up regionally or at the national level, a legal data-sharing platform can work towards the solution. The platform can also prevent duplication of work in different governmental bodies, make these bodies administering public land more transparent, stamp out corruption and, as a result, be accountable. Moreover, data sharing can support national efforts towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, thus enabling all citizens to benefit from the public treasury.