National Center for Peace and Development (NCPD)

The National Center for Peace and Development (NCPD) is an NGO established in 2002 by a group of liberal-minded persons from the intellectual, business and academic Sudanese community who share the belief that, in developing societies, human rights, democracy and development should go hand in hand. The most-feasible way to achieve inclusive development is by raising the consciousness and educating the public about the true meaning of democratic values and how the profound understanding and respect of those values and the state’s implementation of its human rights obligations would help achieve durable peace and economic development in a country such as Sudan, long torn by civil strife and underdevelopment.

The twinning arrangement between Habitat International Coalition: the National Center for Peace and Development (NCPD) and the Cairo-based Housing and Land Rights Network (HLRN) is focused on capacity building of civil society to meet the challenges of engagement in norm-based solutions to problems facing traditionally marginalized communities, and especially those subject to forced eviction and displacement. The overall goal is to support Sudanese civil society in conflict affected zones to make the transition from the short-term, emergency humanitarian phase toward longer-term, institution-building sustainable development contributions.


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