Birzeit University

Birzeit University is an independent, not-for-profit institution of higher education overseen by an autonomous Board of Trustees. The entrepreneurial formation of Birzeit University started in 1924 with its launch as a primary school for girls. This first building block rolled out a legacy of knowledge and learning and ensured a process of documented planning and assessment that led to our strategy today.

The twinning arrangement’s objective between the Birzeit University (educational institution founded in 1972 offering a wide range of academic programs and professional development opportunities) and the University of West of England (public research university founded in 1992) is to address the capacity building aspects of institutional capacity in the sector as well as to ensure that the wider benefits of land governance for all citizens are promoted, thereby encouraging women to be active in the sector and be aware and claim their land rights. The cooperation will draw on diagnostic tools developed by UWE to critically assess sector needs at undergraduate, postgraduate and professional levels, focusing on supporting good land governance and existing Palestinian Land Institutions.


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