3rd International Conference on Smart Cities and Sustainable Planning

Under the patronage of the President of the University of Baghdad, Professor Dr. Munir Hamid Al-Saadi, and with the supervision of the Dean of the Center for Urban and Regional Planning, Prof. Dr. Karim Hassan Alwan, The Urban and Regional Planning Center for Postgraduate Studies at the University of Baghdad announces the of its third international and ninth local conference, marked (Smart Cities And Sustainable Planning).

This International Conference on Smart Cities and Sustainable Planning is a qualitative conference, that includes many disciplines related to city planning as well as sustainable planning and many planning disciplines (city planning, transportation and movement, smart city, city modeling, e-governance and society and many more Other disciplines) For more information about the conference themes, please see the main website of the conference and the following link:

The main objective of the conference is to make awareness to the importance of spatial planning, emphasizing the necessity of linking the city’s social and economic activities with the spatial dimension that contains these events, with a clear reference to the entry of digital and technical concepts in creating essential transformations in the place, through the Smart Sustainable City, and the consequent transformations in the urban life of the community.

The conference seeks to prepare a knowledge base that includes the largest and wide range of spatial indicators related to smart cities, in order to prepare for the next phase of change in cities in general, and in particular the Iraqi city, to be in same line with the aspects in the world, by encouraging researchers and post graduate students to search into local problems of their cities, within a new perspective characterized by smart sustainability, taking into account the capabilities and local specificity of the place and society