Land and Conflict in the Arab Region: Online Expert Group Meeting

In collaboration with the UN-Habitat/ Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) is undertaking a study on land and conflict in the Arab region-one of the key areas of work of the Arab Land Initiative. This partnership is part of the BMZ-funded “Arab Region Programme on Good Land Governance in Support to Inclusive Development, Peace and Stability”.

As part of the regional study, APN is organizing a two-day virtual Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on “Land and Conflict in the Arab Region” on 16th and 17th  March 2021. The EGM will address various land related causes of conflict and, vice versa, the numerous effects of different conflicts on land in the region. The aim is to share and collect valuable empirical and analytical information and create and strengthen a network of experts and actors dealing with the land and conflict nexus in the Arab region. It will also introduce GLTN land tools as an approach to analyze and address land-related conflicts. After presenting a series of case studies from the region, attendees will be invited to apply land tools to specific case studies in breakout groups.

Register here before 14th March 2021 to attend the EGM. Registration link: